Zhi Ney Teaching 2021


Zhi Ney Retreat

For most of us, our mind is a constant, turbulent stream of non-stop thoughts, disturbing our inner peace and concentration, and adding to our stress and health problems. Meditation allows us to find an internal calm, and remain focused and peaceful. This enables us to transform our mind from a turbulent stream to a calm pond of clear water. Modern medical science and ancient spiritual traditions both understand the benefits of meditation to settle and calm our mind.

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In this retreat, Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, one of the modern masters of the ancient Tibetan Bon Tradition, will teach a form of meditation known as  Zhi Ney (“calm abiding”), a fundamental mindfulness awareness practice.  Zhi Ney practice strengthens and improves our meditation, and settles and calms our mind.

Zhi Ney meditation practice is like flowing water through movement, attainment, familiarity, immovability, and perfection. It takes your mind, which is initially turbulent like a waterfall, through the stages of moving like a river in a deep gorge, to a gentle flow of a great river, training your thoughts to blend naturally and indivisibly with your mind, then like a pond undulating under a gentle breeze, and finally taking your mind to perfection like a calm ocean free of surface waves.