Tsewang Rigzin Statue – Preorder


Tsewang Rigzin Statue – Preorder

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Tsewang Rigzin is recognized by Bon as the Long Life Deity. He was one of two sons of Drenpa Namkha, the other son being Yungdrung Tongdrol or Pema Tongdrol (sometimes identified as Padmasambhava).

Tsewang Rigzin is said to have been born with a Yungdrung in the middle of his forehead and the skill of clairvoyance. Through meditation, Tsewang Rigzin accomplished the feat of long life.

Practices of Tsewang Rigzin, which belong to the Ngag (tantric) tradition, include practices to recover health, ransom (recapture) lost life force and extend lifespan, and improve one’s health. All soul healing practices are connected with Tse Wang Rigzin. Having his image can help with healing transmission and your vision of the pure energy needed for healing.

All statues will include the full blessing dowel with herbs inside and blessings from Rinpoche.

When you purchase the Tse Wang Rigzin statue, we would love to make a Zoom appointment with you and Rinpoche to discuss all of the details of the Tse Wang Rigzin Statue. What all the details represent.

The statues will be picked up in Nepal during our Pilgrimage from September 13th – October 1, 2022. Students attending the Pilgrimage will bring theirs home and Yeru Bon Center will bring home all of the ordered statues and send them out on return to the US.

We do not have a detailed image of the statues, but Rinpoche has been working with the Statue maker and the other statues we have received from him are just beautiful and perfect.

  • 8” height
  • Width: 4.5+” Inches
  • Weight: 2 lbs
  • Bronze, gold plated, some details hand painted
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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 5 × 5 in