The Bardo: Magyud Sangye Gyud Sum


The Ancient Practice of the Bardo

What Is The Bardo?

The word ‘Bardo’ is a Tibetan word: “Bar” the “between state” where the consciousness has left this body and not yet taken another body; and “Do”– the consciousness that is without the physical support of a body.

Rinpoche helps us learn the practice for each Bardo Stage to explain how we can guide and help the dying person during and after death.

There are six stages of Bardo from the time of the birth to the death and the rebirth again where it is believed the cycle of our consciousness continues.

The Bardo teaching is an ancient Tibetan practice revealing a significant portion of the secret tantric path.  The Bardo ~ Magyud Sangye Gyud Sum, taught by sMenri Shadrub Khenpo Geshe Nyima Dhondup Rinpoche, the head monastic teacher at sMenri Monastery.

This teaching of “The Bardo” is perfect for anyone looking for a greater understanding of the spiritual cycle of life, dying and death.

How we live our life, the process of dying and death are central to the Path of Liberation as they enable us to attain liberation at the time of death or choose a beneficial rebirth.

The ancient Yungdrung Bon teachings on death and dying also encompass ways to offer spiritual and compassionate support to the dying, to family and loved ones, and to those who are ill.

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