Sidpa Gyalmo 2019


Healing Mysteries of Sidpe Gyalmo

Recorded teaching of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s Sidpe Gyalmo – 14 hours

Sidpe Gyalmo, Queen of the Universe, is Yungdrung Bon’s chief protector. She is a mysterious and powerful protector, healer and remover of obstacles. She is the queen of healing water, used to heal and protect.

Sidpe Gyalmo has multiple aspects. In her wrathful aspect, she is the chief protector of Bön. In her peaceful aspect, she appears as Sherab Chamma, the great wisdom loving mother, the mother of all enlightened ones and the source of all love and compassion. In another aspect, she appears as Yeshe Walmo, the preserver and protector of the Yungdrung Bön teaching. Yeshe Walmo keeps all Bön teachings and devotes and practitioners safe and blessed.

This video is a recording of Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche’s teaching of Sidpe Gyalmo September 2019.

This teaching was originally just going to be about a part of the Walmo Lethig text, but Rinpoche added the healing water ceremony as well from the text of drag ngag nad kyi gong thim. So, students received a bonus teaching during this week-long, detailed retreat on Sidpa Gyalmo.

This video series will inspire you both to practice and to know even more about Yungdrung Bön’s chief protector.


14 hours of video in 540p. Includes PDF of the practice including Tibetan text. Sang offering and transmission not included in the video.

Downloads must be made to a computer. Most smart devices will not allow direct downloads. After downloading, you may be able to upload to your smart device.

~30GB for all six videos. Please download one at a time.

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