Red Garuda Online Course


The Red Garuda Online Course

6 month course | 1 year of access | work at your own pace

The Red Garuda practice focuses on healing. It heals ourselves by generating and receiving positive energies, healing empowerments, and protections from the Red Garuda. It heals others by generating the ability and power to transform negativity, disturbances and obstacles that cause illness. This practice falls in the secret category – the method of ngag or tantra.

The Red Garuda online course teaches practitioners the primary Red Garuda practice and prepares them for further study during Yeru’s advanced retreats. This course contains everything from the original 10-month course, plus more, all within a new 6-month program.

Includes:- • Audio downloads to practice the prayers • Lesson PDFs that include prayer texts, additional written commentary, practice suggestions, meditation and journaling prompts, and more • Access to all 36 teaching videos (1 year) • Access to the private course forum (1 year)

Upon purchase, your account will be granted access to the course content for one year from the date of purchase.

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