Nyam Trid Nying Gya Chen 2022


Nyam Trid Nying Gya Chen

Shardza Rinpoche’s Experiential Instruction of Dzogchen
Sealed In The Heart

You must come with true trust, genuine motivation, and an open heart of infinite space to receive the Yogic Style teaching – taking as it is and building inner self connections to gain true authentic experience.
– Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche

This teaching was planned at a Yogic Retreat.
Students were not aware of the title until the retreat began.

Through Rinpoche’s teaching he took his students to a level they had not expected. As a result, many students, learned what it was like to enter the natural state of mind. Tears, joy and community was amazing. Students from around the world could not get enough of the powerful experience Rinpoche gave to them both with the students who were together in the room and students via zoom.

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