Four Measureless Practices | Audio


Four Measureless Practices

Teaching given by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche in 2005. Learn about 4 measureless practices to generate the mind of enlightenment.

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Four Measureless Practice
Tse Med Zhi La Lo Jongwa

The Yungdrung Bon’s Four Measureless Practice is a foundation practice.  By learning and practicing the Four Measureless Practice you add another piece of a strong foundation to help you further advance your spiritual practice such as Dzozgchen (great perfection).

This practice is meant to open your inner space, to accept and treat all sentient beings equally.   You learn how to treat not only your beloved one, but your co-workers, neighbors, everyone you meet and know, and especially your enemy with  an equal sense of respect, dignity, friendliness and understanding.  You will discover  boundary less compassion,  loving kindness, happiness, and equanimity  (or impartiality between oneself and others).

By practicing in this way, you would discover  inner peace, calm, and happiness.  Moreover, it will overcome the barriers between self and others and will lead to the discovery of real oneness.