Dug Khar Sungkhor Amulet


Dug Khar Sungkhor Amulet – Small

A sungkhor (“protection-wheel” or “protection chakra”) is a protective amulet that contains miniature mandalas of the deities folded and covered with intricate handwoven colored string designs stipulated by the Bön texts. Although all enlightened deities are perfect in their blessing qualities, each deity is often associated with a different enlightened quality.

Dug Khar protects against all kinds of obstacles. The amulet protects agains curses, sudden accidents, injuries from obstructing spirits, diseases from poison, and the dangers of water and fire.

This amulet can be worn around the neck or placed inside your pocket, your wallet or handbag. You can also hang it at home or in your car.

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