Daily Prayers: Practice Audio for Learning


Practice Bön seriously. A good place to start are the daily prayers as prescribed by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche. The Door to Bön is providing instruction to learn all of the Daily Prayers.

Includes PDF of prayers in English and Tibetan.
See below for track list.

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MP3s Include:

  1. Daily Prayers Pronunciations
  2. Nyammed Sol Deb
  3. Sem Kyed
  4. Kyab Dro
  5. Mon Lam
  6. La Mi Nal Jor
  7. Prayer to HH sMenri Trizin
  8. Prayer to HE Yongzin Rinpoche
  9. The Mandala Offering
  10. Daily Prayers (Faster Method)
  11. Dedication Instructions
  12. Dedication Chant