Dadar Ritual Arrow


A dadar is a ritual arrow made with 3 jointed bamboo. The 3 joints represents the soul (la), the psyche (yi) and the mind (sem). When these three are connected, there is life. The Dadar has five colors of silk ribbons representing each of the five elements. The dadar is made of a 3-jointed bamboo.

The top is ornamented with a feather and beads representing five elements and five wisdoms – the Tibetan syllables “Ni” and “A” (intended for the long life and soul retrieval).

The dadar symbolizes and supports the longevity and is used ritually to summon all the qualities of the five elements throughout time and space to return to the practitioner in order to restore and support longevity.

Used for the longevity practice and ritual of Lama Tséwang Rigdzin.

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