Cultivating a Conscious Life + 4 Measureless Practices | Video | 4hrs


If you’re drifting through life or feel out of control, deciding to live consciously could be the single most important thing you do. Living consciously will improve your life, work, health and more. In the Bön tradition, the four measureless practices are major part of living consciously.

Rinpoche’s Cultivating a Conscious Life teaching gives us the tools to live consciously, improve our lives and heal. Take 5 – 10 minutes everyday to improve your life and wellbeing.

 • Note: This video includes Rinpoche’s 365-day challenge and personal guidance from Rinpoche. 

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Cultivating A Conscious Life
Four Measureless Practice
Tse Med Zhi La Lo Jongwa

To encourage living with more awareness.  To discover the joy and positive significance of our daily lives.

He will show us how to ignite what we already have within in us.   By collectively combining wisdom, compassion, love, equanimity and kindness, we open our mind to transform ourselves and to live consciously.   Using the Four Measureless Practice of Bön

As we move forward living consciously, we open our life to joy, love and personal growth.

Rinpoche will teach us the practices that help open our inner space, to accept and treat equally all sentient beings, whether a loved one or an enemy, with equal respect, dignity, friendliness and understanding. These practices appear disarmingly simple, but creating them in ourselves, in our daily life, is difficult.