A-tri Dzogchen Ngondro Online Course


A-tri Dzogchen Ngondro Online Course

7 month course | 1 year of access | work at your own pace

The Ngondro, sometimes called the “Preliminary Practice,” is crucial to every student of Bön. Through these practices we learn the essentials of inner transformation. Though the Ngondro is used to prepare ourselves for further, deeper teachings, it is also a complete path to enlightenment in itself. This course is of benefit to every Bön student, whether beginner or advanced.

This 7-month online course includes the Outer Preliminary teachings as well as the 9 traditional Ngondro practices of the A-tri Dzogchen tradition:

  • Lesson 1: Outer Preliminaries
  • Lesson 2: Semkyed – Generating [Enlightened] Mind
  • Lesson 3: Kyabdro – Taking Refuge
  • Lesson 4: Shagpa – Confession
  • Lesson 5: Mandal – Mandala Offering
  • Lesson 6: Lamé Naljor
  • Lesson 7: Chak & Nyingpo Namsum – Prostrations & Threefold Essence

This online course includes:

  • Lesson PDFs that include prayer texts, written commentary, practice suggestions, meditation and journaling prompts, and more
  • Audio downloads to practice the prayers and mantra
  • Access to the course teaching videos (1 year)
  • Access to the private course forum (1 year)
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