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Sherab Chamma Daily Practice Course

2 Month Online Course

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche teaches Sherab Cham Ma, or “Loving Mother.” This teaching was originally taught by Tonpa Shenrab, Founder of Bön and is part of the series of the Mother Tantra.

Sherab Cham Ma (also known as “Cham Ma”) is the female form of the Enlightened One. She holds the collective power of Compassion and Wisdom of all enlightened ones of the past, present and future. She is also the source of manifestation of all the perfected enlightened ones.

This course is an in-depth look at Daily Sherab Chamma practice. It uses the video of the retreat held in 2016 for the media. However, for those that are looking to deeply connect to this practice with extra information, suggested mind-training exercisesjournaling prompts and more will find benefit in taking the course. Additionally, attending the course allows practitioners to connect with others who are practicing Sherab Chamma through the course forum.

The course is split into two lessons meant to be worked over two months, but students will be able to work through the material at their own pace.

Intro to Gong Chod Namsum

3 Month Online Course

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will teach us that many of life’s problems have to do with fear and attachments. Through the Gong Chod Namsum Magyud, a part of The Mother Tantra, we will learn the practice of cutting away obstacles to peace. This ancient practice of Chod (literally, “to cut”) is a skillful method for dissolving obstacles.

The online course is highly recommended, as it gives students time to learn the basics of the practice, thus allowing us to reach a deeper level of this powerful and amazing retreat. Our experience is that when students participate on the online courses prior to a retreat, their knowledge is deeper, the retreats are more profound and a bond is built with other students prior to the retreats and more enjoyable.

This course is open to anyone looking to learn more about Gong Chod Namsum, and is especially helpful for those preparing to come to Gong Chod Namsum teaching in Los Angeles in March, 2017.

The Essentials of Bön

3 Month Online Course
All Lessons Available. Work at your own pace.

Have you ever wished you knew more about Bon? Not just a specific teaching, but Bön in general, and how the teachings of Bon are so nurturing to our lives. Do you get confused by the chants and prayers? Do you know what all those things on the altar are? Do you wish you understood better what was going in an offering ceremony (tsok)? Do you wish you could remember all those things about prayer and chanting you learned one weekend, but can’t quite remember?

This Essentials Of Bon course could offer an ah-ha moment. By the end of this course will have a good background and History of Bön, and a better understanding of the elements of practice.

Any serious student of Bon, beginner to advanced, can take this course and learn things that are valuable for your daily life, your practice, and allow you to help others in their study of Bon.

Yes, this is an Umzed Course, but so many people have asked of the Essentials of Bon, but are not interested in being a chant leader, they just want to know and understand the essentials of Bön so they may progress in their practice.

A-Tri Dzogchen Ngondro (Preliminary Practice)

Ngondro7 Month Online Course
Currently closed to new applicants.

The Ngondro, sometimes called the “Preliminary Practice,” is crucial to every student of Bön. Through these practices we learn the essentials of inner transformation. The Ngondro is used to prepare ourselves for further, deeper teachings. Properly understood and practiced, the Ngondro is also a path to enlightenment in itself. This course is of benefit to every Bön student, whether beginner or advanced.

Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is a senior Geshe from sMenri Monastery, and is the abbot of Latri Monastery in Tibet. As one of the modern masters of Bön, Rinpoche is a well-known qualified teacher in Bon.

This course will provide a structure and foundation for a lifetime of Bön practice. Rinpoche believes strongly in developing this firm foundation, so that we will be able to build upon this foundation as we progress with our practice. Without a deep knowledge and understanding of the Ngondro, we can chant the prayers and mantras, but it will not achieve your final attainment; we will not have the proper skills to progress in the practice of Bön.

Rinpoche has developed an online course using video, audio, teaching text, journaling, chat room forums, and private phone conversations with him to be sure you are truly practicing this very special practice. In this six-month online course, Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will teach the Ngondro according to the A-Khrid Kalung Gyatso (the “Ocean of Oral Transmission and Guiding Instruction through the A- Syllable”), which is one of the three main Dzogchen Cycle traditions.

Red Garuda Online Course

10 Month Online Course 
All Lessons Available. Work at your own pace.

The Red Garuda practice focuses on healing. It heals ourselves by generating and receiving positive energies, healing empowerments, and protections from the Red Garuda. It heals others by generating the ability and power to transform negativity, disturbances and obstacles that cause illness. This practice falls in the secret category or method of Tantra.

The Red Garuda online course teaches practitioners the primary Red Garuda practice and prepares them for further study at the Advanced Retreat.

Yeru’s first Red Garuda Advanced Retreat has finished, but more are being planned for 2018. The Advanced Retreats are only available to those that have completed the online course.

At the Advanced Retreat, all the material you will learn through the online course will be practiced with Rinpoche, to be sure all students have a good understanding of the material. At the completion of the Advanced Retreat, Rinpoche will award successful participants with a certificate of completion signed by Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche.