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    Door to Bön

    Welcome to the Ngondro Online Forum! Use this as a place to introduce yourself, ask questions, and discuss Bön. If there are many questions, we will try to get Rinpoche to answer them or hold an occasional live stream to ensure they are answered.

    TJ Rivard

    Good afternoon! I just joined the Ngondro course this week and have just begun to go through the first lesson. I have practiced Buddhism on my own for about ten years, receiving teachings from various lamas, including the practice of Chod but feel that my practice has been chaotic and unfocused. I determined that I needed a more structured approach and wanted to start with the Ngondro. I am looking forward to learning and practicing in this space.



    Hi TJ! Nice to meet you!

    TJ Rivard

    Nice to meet you as well, Twilah!


    Greetings community! I’m Matt, this is my second week in the ngondro course. Peace and blessings to you all as we journey this path together. 🙏

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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