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Nick Tichawa

Hi TJ, this is a good question — I will let Rinpoche know when he is done with retreat, and perhaps he can answer. Things I have heard Rinpoche and other geshes say include:

On a practical level, you can continue practicing by visualizing yourself and those around you as simple beings of light, just like the Buddhas. Practice energetically experiencing others’ essential aspects of peace, compassion, and wisdom. Spend time visualizing their bodies shining with bright, transparent light.

In several of the following ngondro practices you will do, we visualize the liquid light of the Buddhas of the refuge field being emanated to ourself and all sentient beings. The dütsi fills our bodies, gradually transforming us into beings of pure light. These visualization practices, especially if we can connect deeply with the energetic experience, help us become flexible – they open our minds up to deeply experience spirituality.

Over time, this can become natural and unforced. It is ultimately just seeing past the conventional, emotional, karmic forms of other beings and actually perceiving each being’s true, perfect, essential nature.

It’s definitely a gradual process for most (including me). 🙂