The Essence of Living and Dying

image004Tibetan Bon teaches that how we live our lives determines our dying process, and ultimately our death.
It doesn’t matter what your religious or spiritual beliefs may be. Everyone wants a life of love, joy, compassion, balance, self-worth and meaning.

In this course, The Essence of Living and Dying, Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche, a senior teacher and Geshe from sMenri Monastery, will teach us the importance of living, good fruitful living, the process of dying, and how we leave this earth.

Rinpoche will teach us how we can live a meaningful and happy life. To live consciously and without regret. To release any negativity we may be holding. To inspire the people we meet with just a smile. To embrace, without fear or regret, the knowledge that we will die, and to leave a legacy for our family and friends in the knowledge of our living well.

The Essence of Living and Dying is for Bon and other spiritual practitioners, physicians, therapists, caretakers, and anyone who wants to live and to live well.