A-Tri Dzogchen Ngondro (Preliminary Practice)

Atri Latri Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche is a senior Geshe from sMenri Monastery, and is the abbot of Latri Monastery in Tibet. As one of the modern masters of Bön, Rinpoche is a well-known qualified teacher in Bon.

Rinpoche has developed an online course using video, audio, teaching text, journaling, chat room forums, and private phone conversations with him to be sure you are truly practicing this very special practice. In the six-month online course, Nyima Dakpa Rinpoche will teach the Ngondro according to the A-Khrid Kalung Gyatso (the “Ocean of Oral Transmission and Guiding Instruction through the A- Syllable”), which is one of the three main Dzogchen Cycle traditions.

The Ngondro is used to prepare ourselves for other teachings. Properly understood and practiced, the Ngondro is also a path to enlightenment in itself.

This course is of benefit to every Bon Student, whether beginner or advanced. It is also a good preparation to advance your Bon practice.

Course Overview

First Month: The first month will focus on the ”outer” preliminary practice, and the important topics of:

  • The Proper Way to Receive Bon Teachings
  • The Fourfold Practices to Train One’s Mind
  • The Virtuous and Non-virtuous Deeds


Following Months: In the following five months, Rinpoche will teach the “inner” Nine Preliminary Practices. These will be taught in great detail, with specific and detailed instructions on how to perform these practices.

1. Generating the Mind of Enlightenment (Samkyed)
2. Taking Refuge (Kyabdro)
3. Confession (Shakpa)
4. Mandala Offering (Mandal Bulwa)
5. Connecting with the Teacher (Lamai Naljor)
6. Prostrations (Chak)
7 – 9 Three Essences (Heart Mantras) of Bön (Nying Po Namsum)

  • 1st Heart Mantra – Sa Le Oed
  • 2nd Heart Mantra – Ma Tri
  • 3rd Heart Mantra – Du Tri Su


Who Should Take This Course:

  • Beginning Bon students;
  • Advanced serious Bon practitioners who want a firm foundation and a deeper connection with Bon for further learning;
  • Healing professionals who wish to use Bon in their healing practice; and
  • Those searching for spiritual growth.
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